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Program Description:  Math Enrichment is designed for students who have not met the minimum proficiency level on the school wide test. It is designed to refine, introduce, and develop skills for those students who have demonstrated a need for strengthening and reinforcing their math foundations. The four major clusters students will be studying are: (a) The number System (b) Expressions & Equations (c) Geometry (d) Statistics & Probability. Only ME 8th grade will also cover the cluster on Functions. Throughout the major clusters students will do mathematical processes such as problem solving, communicating mathematically, connecting math to real-life, reasoning, technology, numerical operations, measurement, estimation, and excellence in equity. 


Program Purpose:  The purpose of the program is to continue to refine, introduce, and develop skills with emphasis on the 4 clusters covered on the NJSLA  Math assessment. This program will provide a wide range of activities that will allow the students to continue forward as outlined in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and the NCTM Standards. The major goal is to assist the student in raising their achievement level to the state mandated proficiency level through the use of the students' ISIP (individual student improvement program)

In order to equip the 21st Century Learner, students will also engage in various technological programs such as: Google Classroom,, EdPuzzle, Brain pop, Blooket, YouTube videos, and etc.




Pd. 1/2 - 3o7fvqq      8:58 to 9:39


Pd. 3/4 - xywazzo      9:42 to 10:23


Pd. 7/8 - zf3ilvh        11:10 to 11:51


Pd. 9/10 - eworodx   11:54 to 12:35


Pd. 14/15 - n4punfb  1:52 to 2:33


Pd. 16/17 - 0272pst    2:36 to  3:17



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