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Welcome to my classroom.  I am your child’s Teenbiz teacher, Mrs. Bregenzer.  This is my 23nd year in teaching and I have been at NFMAA for 12 years.  I am very excited about the opportunity to teach reading to your child.  I would like to share some information with you in regards to my reading class.




Expectations:  All students are required to keep a Teenbiz folder that is neat and organized.   Students are expected to come to class prepared with necessary supplies and participate in class activities. 




Homework:  Practice is essential to learning any skill, homework is given to provide practice for students to become effective readers.  Homework is part of the students overall grade and is expected on the date it is due. Completion of classwork and homework (when assigned) are expectations for all students at NFMAA.  If there comes a time when a student does not meet these expectations, an Incomplete (I) will be entered as a grade until that work is completed.  We will work with students to ensure they are successful and have the opportunity to complete all work tha is essential to their education.




Make-Up Work:  The responsibility for requesting make-up work, as well as scheduling a time for tests and quizzes is the job of the student.   Teacher and student will set a time that the work will be due upon the students return.




Supplies:   pencil      spiral notebook       looseleaf paper    highlighter



Donations Needed:   kleenex         Ream of paper            Wet Wipes






Behavior:  All students are expected to follow ART’S Expectations:




                     Act responsibly


                     Respect self and others


                     Think teamwork


                     Stay Safe




Lee County School District Grading Scale                                      Class Grades


                   A               90 – 100%                                         Homework          10%


                   B               80 -    89%                                         Classwork            25%               


                   C               70 -   79%                                          Tests/Quizzes      65%


                   D               60 -   69%                                         


                   F                59% and below                                                                          




The most effective way to contact me is via email at  You can always call the school (997-2131) and leave a message and I will contact you on my planning period (7th) or after school.  I will be using Parent Link to help you monitor your student’s grades.  Please be sure the telephone number we have for your student is correct.