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Classroom Code: DTSKQPB


Join my classroom for injury-specific Home Exercise Rehab Progams.

I'll also be sharing infographics about athletic injuries, prevention

as well as emotional and physical well-being. 



All athletes must take a baseline ImPact test - a computerized cognitive assessment for concussions.

This test needs to be taken every 2 years.


Logon to:


Enter Code B18C2A9A36 which is the code for Haddon Twp HS.

Go to New Jersey and click on "Launch Baseline Test."

Make sure to turn off pop-up blockers or it won't work!! 

Be sure to save and print out certificate of completion.






All athletes with a concussion need to follow the state and district mandated Return-to-Play protocol.

Concussion information as well as the protocol can be found here:

Haddon Twp Concussion info sheet.doc  








All athletes participating on a school-sponsored team must complete a pre-participation 

physical evaluation (PPE) form, which is to be turned in to their coach / school nurse.

The physical exam must be performed within a year of the official start date of the sport season.






The school offers physicals on multiple dates prior to each season with our team Dr.

These are performed at school, free of charge, in the nurse's office.

See Mrs. McCutcheon for details.



Athletes and their guardians need to complete the Health History Questionnaire (found in the Physical Examination Form link above) and bring it with them for the school physician to review, or the school physician won't be able to perform the evaluation.