Our Week at a Peek...


 Reading:  We read a story about Charlie McButton who lost power during a storm and discovers he can have fun playing with his sister and using his imagination.  We focus skills were:  Literary Elements:  character, setting, and theme, sentences/fragments, the spelling pattern VCCV.   


Math:  We started our unit of study in Topic One with multiplication!  We focused on equal groups this week.  Thanks so much for your help with our first homework assignment online.  We will be working on multiplication on a numberline, arrays, and commutative property this upcoming week.


Social Studies/Science:   

  In Science, we will begin our study of weather.

  In Social Studies, we will be learning about economics.

Other Information:

  • Our character trait for the month of September is kindness. Please talk with your child about the word and what it looks like and sounds like.
  • Please remember to check your child's agenda book for the latest homework and other important information.
  • We have a morning snack each day around 10:00. Please remember we are peanut/tree nut free classroom.