Our Week at a Peek...

ReadingThis week we will be reviewing for the Unit 2 Benchmark Test.  We will review all of the comprehension skills from the unit:  main idea & details, compare and contrast, and text structure.  The vocabulary skills we will review are:  synonym and antonyms and context clues.  We will begin the Benchmark on Thursday and Friday.  We will continue the last section the following week.



Math:  We continue to work on Topic 5.  Please continue to practice those basic multiplication facts.  


Social Studies/Science:   

  In Science, we continue our study on Forces of Motion. We will begin to discuss push, pull and inertia.

  In Social Studies, we will begin our study of the Plains Indians this week.

Other Information:

  • Our character trait for the month of January is responsibility . Please talk with your child about the word and what it looks like and sounds like.
  • Please remember to check your child's agenda book for the latest homework and other important information.
  • We have a morning snack on Mondays and Tuesdays around 10:00. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we have an afternoon snack around 1:45.  Please remember we are peanut/tree nut free classroom.