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Our Week at a Peek...

Reading: We will be reading a tall tale called Kumak's Fish. This story tells of a family fishing trip in the Arctic. We will focus on the following skills: sequence, types of sentences, and words with ing, est, ed, er endings. Please continue to encourage your child to read each night for 10-15 minutes.


Math:  We started learning basic division this week.  It was a bit tough, but I am confident that drawing pictures will help with solving division problems. We are preparing for our first Topic test on line.  We will be using REFLEX math to improve fact fluency.  A letter came home explaining how to log into the REFLEX account.  We will begin completing 15 minutes per week starting the week of September 30th.

Social Studies/Science:    

  In Science, we will continue to learn about weather.   

  In Social Studies, we will focus on economics.

Other Information:

  • Please remember to check your child's agenda book for the latest homework and other important information. (We are still waiting for the agenda books to arrive.  Thanks for your patience!)
  • We have an afternoon snack around 2:00 each day.  We have a long afternoon and a snack will help with our afternoon energy!


SPECIAL AREA SCHEDULE:  Monday:  Music 1:55-2:35  

                                       Tuesday: Gym 10:50-11:30

                                       Wednesday:  Art 9:00-9:40

                                      Thursday:STEM/Book Exchange 9:00-9:50

                                        Friday:   Spanish 9:45-10:25