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Video Tech I  period 1 - Class Code (Google Classroom) fwfelpw


Video Tech I  period 3 - Class Code (Google Classroom) 6wjaock


Video Tech I  period 4 - Class Code (Google Classroom) ule7zm7


Video Tech I  period 5 - Class Code (Google Classroom) pw7cmum


Video Tech I  period 7 - Class Code (Google Classroom) wf7wy5z




The Video Production courses offered here at West Deptford HS focus on the individual learner understanding how to create a production from A through Z.  Students will learn the Production Process and what it takes to translate an idea into a complete coherent video program.  Students also learn about the Production Personnel and their roles and responsibilities within a production company.  Finally students learn how to shoot and edit their productions using the Adobe Premiere CC editing software.  Video Productions are assigned throughout the year in-order to enhance the students working knowledge of Premiere and to give them a creative and technical outlet for their ideas. 


Samples of student productions can be seen on our class YouTube channel or webpage.  (See tab on right for direct links)


All students in the program will leave the course with a portfolio DVD that will have all their edited productions from throughout the year.


Also students in the Video Production course have the option to volunteer to be part of our daily morning news broadcast (WDTV NEWS) which is streamed live via YouTube each morning at 7:30am