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Reading:   This week we will continue reading Dinosaurs Before Dark.  Our focus will be on vocabulary this week.  We will talk about academic and technical vocabulary.  We will also talk about how context clues help us understand the meaning of words.  We'll also look at the difference between literal and nonliteral vocabulary. 


Writing:  We will be talking about the elements of a personal narrative.  This week we will be focusing on how to narrow our big idea down to a seed or focused idea.


 Math:  This week we will begin learning about division.  We will use circles and dots as well as repeated subraction to divide.  Our first Topic test will be on Thursday.


 Science:  Our first unit is Forces and Interactions.  This week we will talk about balanced and unbalanced forces, push, pull, inertia, gravity, and Newton's First Law of Motion.




Blaze Bucks:  Remember-Blaze Bucks are earned by showing kindness, respect, and good character in school, on the playground, and on the bus.  


SNACK:  One small, healthy snack is adequate each day.  Snacks should be something they can eat with their fingers. Please do not send in a snack that needs a spoon/fork to eat because we will always be working during snack.  Please try to avoid sticky, gooey items.  Reusable water bottles are permitted as long as they do not become a distraction during the day.  Please do not send in juice boxes for snack Your child will not need a snack on 1/2 days because they will be eating lunch at school.