Ms. Dupont

Business Education Department

Room 10
(856) 848-6110 ext. 2010

"Appreciate all the riches around you, including the riches of others. Look for wealth wherever you go, and appreciate it."
~ The Secret



This course includes accounting theory and practice in the analysis of business transactions and the recording of business data. The accounting cycle, beginning with transaction recording and ending with financial statement preparation, for a sole proprietorship/corporation as a service and merchandising business is completed. Spreadsheet applications, computer simulations and manual simulation are used to reinforce concepts and principles introduced in the course. NOTE: This is a duel credit course- meaning students can earn transferable college credit from Camden County College with the completion of a C average or higher.


 Computer Applications
This one-semester course provides students with concepts and applications of advanced word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets, and databases. Addition concepts and applications will include desktop publishing and web design.


Entrepreneurs have brought the United States into being and they are the foundation of our future. Since small business ownership represents over 85% of our country’s businesses, free-enterprise education should be considered a “basic skill”. In trying to determine and reach their career goals in this dynamic American economy, students need to take personal responsibility to obtain the skills, knowledge, constructive attitudes and experiences that will enable them to function as creative, self-confident members of the workforce. This course addresses these personal qualities and stresses the lifelong learning process. It will teach them the basic concepts of business ownership and management needed to be a successful entrepreneur. There are no prerequisites for this course, however, Marketing Education is strongly suggested.

Personal Finance
Personal finance will empower students and provide them with a well-rounded and in-depth personal lesson in how to manage everyday financial decisions. The course will give students the knowledge to make well-informed personal financial decisions including career research and planning, money management, budgeting, banking services, savings and investing, credit cards and lines of credit, consumer skills (emphasizing Housing and Transportation) and risk protection. This course will provide a strong foundation for students to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in life.