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List 1

"When Charlie McButton Lost Power"

happen, lettuce, basket, winter, sister, problem, supper, subject, lesson, spelling, napkin, collar, traffic

suggest, puppet, skillet, picnic, planet, system, pumpkin


List 2

"What About Me?"

Rule: add s, es, ies to make a word plural

pennies, inches, plants, families, bodies, glasses, wishes, pockets, lists, copies, parties, bunches, crashes

supplies, pencils, accidents, libraries, mysteries, carpenters, merchants


List 3 "Kumak's Fish"

using, getting, easiest, swimming, heavier, greatest, pleased, emptied, leaving, worried, strangest

freezing, funniest, angrier, shopped, included, occurred, supplying, scarier, happiest


List 4 "Supermarket"

clean, agree, teeth, dream, grain, coach, display, window, shadow, cheese, peach, braid, Sunday

float, thrown, entertain, complain, bleachers, willow, wheat

List 5

proud, shower, hour, amount, voyage, choice, avoid, thousand, prowl, employ, bounce, poison, annoy, appoint

broil, however, mountain, coward, turmoil, chowder


List 1 "Penguin Chick"

finish, pilot, even, wagon, music, silent, rapid, female, lemon, pupil, focus, robot, tulip, camel, salad, resident,

spinach, climate, tradition, innocent


List 2 "I Wanna Iguana

handle, trouble, simple, people, middle, table, little, gentle, poodle, pickle,

noodle, saddle, juggle, uncle, riddle, example, throttle, obstacle, miracle, muscle


List 3 "Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It"

sunglasses, football, homework, haircut, popcorn, railroad, snowstorm, earring, scarecrow, blueberry,

butterflies, lawnmower, campground, sandbox, toothbrush, thumbtack, earthquake, scrapbook, courthouse, whirlpool


List 4 "Tops and Bottoms"


splash, throw, three, square, scream, strike, street, split, splurge, thrill, stregnth, squeak, throne, scratch, squeeze, squis, squander, arthritis, instrument, strategy


List 5 "Amazing Bird Nests"

father, chapter, other, alphabet, watch, English, weather, catch, fashion, shrink, pitcher, flash, athlete,

trophy, nephew, northern, establish, emphasis, hyphen, challenge


Unit 3


List 1 "How Do You Raise A Raisin?"

      let's, he'd, you'll, can't, I'd, won't, haven't, hasn't, she'd, they'll, when's, we'd,

   should've, wasn't, didn't, they'd, would've, could've, needn't,   you've  


List 2 "Pushing Up the Sky"

   unhappy, recall, disappear, unload, mistake, misspell, dislike, replace, mislead, disagree, rewrite, unroll,

   unknown, dishonest, react, unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, mispronounce


Week 3 "Seeing Stars"

   clock, large, page, mark, kitten, judge, crack, edge, pocket, brake, change, ridge, jacket, badge, orange,

   ceiling, advantage, pledge, Kentucky, pencil


Week 4 "Seeing Stars"

   beautiful, safely, kindness, finally, spotless, worthless, illness, helpful, daily, suddenly, wireless, quietly,

   fairness, cheerful, painful, anxiously, thoughtfully, cautiously, tardiness, breathless


Week 5 "Around One Cactus"

   thumb, gnaw, written, know, climb, design, wrist, crumb, assign, wrench, knot, wrinkle, lamb, knob, knit,

   wrestler, bologna, cologne, honeycomb, knickknack