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How to Schedule Your Child’s Conference


  Click on the following link:


   Please select your child’s teacher.


   Next fill out the appropriate information for your child’s teacher.  It will ask you for your child’s first    and last name as well as your name and your e-mail address.  Please click on submit when all required    fields are filled out. will send you an e-mail.  Please check your email at the address you provided. You will    find an email with the subject header "Select Date/Time for Teacher Conference Now".


   Open e-mail and click on link: Click here to select conference time.


   Check the availability of the teacher.  Select any open time slot that you would like to have your    conference.  If a time is taken it will say “taken.”


   When finished selecting conference time click on “Done choosing appointment time.” The bottom is    located in the upper right hand corner of the page.   


   This will bring you to the last step of the process.  You will have three options to chose from:

            1. I am finished making my appointments.

            2. Yes, I need to register another conference for this student.

            3. Yes, I need to register another student.


   Click the necessary button. 


Congratulations! You have just scheduled your child’s conference.