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The Purdue website is constantly being updated with the newest changes to the MLA formatting


Super easy website to help create a proper Works Cited page

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  • How to do an annotated bibliography




  • When available, full electronic versions of our texts are linked to the corresponding folders.



The assessments and deadlines posted on my calendar may not always be accurate due to unforeseen events; the homework listed on the classroom chalkboard should supersede dates posted on the calendar.



If I assign work to be completed in a particular format (i.e. chart, list, etc.) the understanding is that failure to complete the work in that particular format will result in a (minor) loss of credit. In other words, if I pass out a graphic organizer, the work should be completed on that particular handout. If the original handout is lost, students always have access to those handouts by downloading them from my website. Additionally, there is usually a pile of hard copies on the table in the front of the room.  Please plan accordingly.




Curricular Choices

Some of the movies we will work with as class this year in English I and III may have received an R rating (Restricted) by the Motion Picture Association of America’s at either the time of their release or when they were subject to rating by the MPAA. Such films have been chosen because of their significant cultural influence, their importance within the history of film, their brilliant performances, and their technical dexterity.  Every effort has been made to choose films that meet all of these criteria and receive a rating softer than R. However, many of the best and most important films become the best and most important because they elicited strong feelings from viewers and challenged cultural norms at the times of their production. These are most often the situations that called for R ratings when the films were released. We read all texts in this class critically, questioning the decisions of the authors and asking queries about the texts and their respective cultural contexts. You will be informed of the rating of each film we watch. You are expected to respond to these films/situations maturely by following class procedures for critical viewing. If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know and we will make other arrangements.