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Mrs. McPherson -




COURSE TITLE: English 3 Advanced




TEXTBOOKS: Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience & novels






Content covered in this course will focus on the main areas of the Language Arts curriculum including reading, writ-ing, speaking, and listening, as well as the characteristics and functions of the English language and research skills. Through the study of American Literature, this course will provide students with opportunities to prepare for upcoming ven-tures in both higher education and the workplace.








Students will:


1. Recognize and understand a variety of literary genres


2. Understand the mechanics of diction, syntax, and usage


3. Refine the writing process


4. Define, spell, and recognize related vocabulary, especially as needed for standardized testing


5. Implement critical thinking skills


6. Recognize the development of national literature through literary and historical periods


7. Practice listening skills


8. Demonstrate speaking skills for a variety of sources






1. Lectures and note-taking


2. Cooperative groups


3. Differentiated projects/exams


4. Essay writing


5. Journals and responses to text


6. Class discussion






All school rules will be enforced in the classroom. In order to create and maintain an atmosphere that promotes effective learning, we will expect certain behaviors and common courtesies to be followed everyday.


1. Respect yourself, others, & your surroundings. Remember to clean up your area before leaving the room, keep desks and other materials free of vandalism, and report any existing situations.


2. Arrive on time for class with your covered textbook and all necessary materials. Lateness will not be tolerated. Take note of the daily agenda and begin working as you take your seat.


3. Pay attention. Attentiveness and participation are essential. Raise your hand when you wish to contribute or need help.


4. While working independently, remain quiet.


5. Leave all food/drink in your locker.


6. Turn in all work on time. Follow the calendar and keep track of your grades.


7. Be aware that the bell does not dismiss you from class. When all students are seated quietly, the teacher dis-misses you.








1. Verbal reminder


2. After-school teacher detention – 10 minutes


3. After-school teacher detention – 15 minutes


4. After-school teacher detention – 20 minutes


5. Phone call to parent/guardian


6. Administrative intervention


*Any or all of the above consequences can be used at any time at the discretion of the teacher.


*Severity Clause: Should behavior become severely disruptive the office/parents will be notified immediately.






In the event that a substitute covers the class, misbehavior will not be tolerated. Since I will not be in the room, I must accept the substitute’s version of events. Should you be reported by a substitute, your parents will be notified.






You have the opportunity to participate in a variety of discussions and activities throughout the year in which you can be successful, grow, and enjoy your time in the classroom. However, negativity will not be accepted; thoughts, ideas, and opinions must be presented in a positive manner.






As an advanced-level  student, you must commit to finding methods of organization, note-taking, and studying which work best for you. You will need a 3-ring binder and you must have a working writing implement every day. Typed work must be in either Times New Roman or Arial, size 12, double-spaced, unless otherwise noted. Bring the materials you will need every day. Keep this syllabus and your essay score log at the front of your binder.






Grades will be determined by the percentages below. You will be responsible for keeping all the handouts, tests, quizzes, and other material distributed in class and returned with marks/grades. Remember, this is for your own benefit.


30% - Homework/Classwork


25% - Quizzes


35% - Tests/Projects


10% - Notebooks - including a section to save and organize daily warm-ups****






Do not expect to go to the lavatory or your locker during class. Take care of this before class. You must have your planner/agenda and school ID card in order to use this privilege.






If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out and make up what you have missed within the number of days you have been absent. Make-up quizzes, tests, and in-class essays will differ from what was completed in class on the missed day. Many assignments will be posted on online for you to access from the media center/at home.






Late assignments will not be accepted. Incomplete assignments will receive a zero. Do not ask at the end of the marking period for extra credit work; it will not be given. Assignments are expected in hard copy unless previous arrange-ments are made. Should you need to e-mail an assignment, you must see me before homeroom in order to receive a printed copy. E-mails without confirmation contact receive a score of a zero.






We will follow the policy for academic integrity as outlined in the student handbook. Any indication of plagiarism will result in the grade of a zero for all parties involved. We will be using throughout the year in order to validate the authenticity of all major written assignments. If guidelines are not followed, assignments will be given a grade of a zero.






I am available most days after school in Room 507 until at least 2:45, for help or to answer any questions or discuss any concerns. Please see me during office hours or before or after school if you have a question that cannot be fully an-swered during class. I may also be reached via email at or via voicemail at 465-1852 X5611. Do not ever hesitate to ask for help or clarification! I am looking forward to a great year at MTHS.