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1.  Sample Introductory Exemplar Paragraph for Thematic Essay


   "The Hate U Give" by author Angie Thomas is a novel that hits home for many inner city students.  Angie Thomas addresses many thematic topics including injustice, loyalty, identity, and community to show readers how a theme develops over the course of a text.  Throughout the novel, Angie Thomas uses the main character Starr and her ongoing struggle with her own identity to teach us the importance of being true to yourself.  


2. Sample Checkpoint Exemplar Model - Chapter 18 "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas

(Use the exemplar below as a guide when completing checkpoints)


Summary: As the chapter opens up, Starr’s parents are driving to take Starr and her siblings to see the new house that they are trying to buy for them to live in. The new house is in Brookfalls. It reminds Starr of Uncle Carlos’ neighborhood, but better.  After seeing the house, the family heads back home to watch a playoff’s basketball game. As they are watching the game a driveby shooting occurs that is directed at their house. This causes Starr to not want to testify in court the next day. It also infuriates Big Mav to the point that he orders Cedar Grove King Lords to keep an eye on his house.  This upsets Uncle Carlos because Big Mav accuses him and the other cops he works with for the shooting and not protecting Starr. The chapter ends with Uncle Carlos reminding Big Mav of his love for his niece and nephews and everything he did while Big Mav was locked up.  

2.Thematic Topics discussed: 


Identity, Injustice, Loyalty, Activism, Community




Community - We see the community come together and look out for each other a lot in this novel.  After the driveby shooting we see multiple neighbors stop by to check on the Carter family.  We even learn that Mr. Charles stopped over with his gun in hand. This shows us that Mr. Charles would take any means necessary to protect his people.  Not often do you see community members go to this extreme for someone else.    


Loyalty - In this chapter we see that Big Mav is solely focused on his family’s safety and well-being.  He admits to his family that he was wrong in not wanting to move and realizes that leaving Garden Heights is the best move for his family.  


3. Textual evidence:  


“Some of our neighbors checked in, like Mrs. Pearl and Ms. Jones.  Mr. Charles from next door rushed over, holding his own piece. None of them saw who did it” (Thomas, 318).


“But I realize being real ain’t got anything to do with where you live.  The realest thing I can do is protect my family, and that means leaving Garden Heights…..And that living in the suburbs don’t make you any less black than living in the hood” (Thomas, 308).