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Welcome to Mrs. Dorothy Palmer's website. 

I have many years of experience working with students with disabilities and find my skills benefit all students within the classroom. 



I will work closely with your child to be successful in school.  In the classroom, I provide a variety of different kinds of support, such as, small group instruction, review of previously learned concepts, time for practice of a new skill, and clarification.   While teaching, I might use many different approaches, such as the use of visuals, manipulatives or hands on approaches to help your child learn best. 


Students are taught learning strategies and are expected to use these strategies as they read passages, answer questions or solve math word problems.  Please encourage your child to read daily.


 How Can You Help Your Child At Home Be Successful At School?

  • Set aside time each day for your child to complete homework.
  • Check your child's homework for accuracy and understanding.
  • Make sure your child takes time to read books each day.  
  • Read to your child and as you read, ask "thinking" type questions about the book.  For example:  Why do you think...   What do you think this word means?, I wonder if...., This reminds me of...., What would happen if...., Who is....
  • Build in reading and math in your daily life, for example, when you go to the grocery store, have your child write the list, locate items on the list,  read labels on items, compare prices, estimate the cost, follow recipes while assisting in the kitchen.....
  • Practice, practice, practice words, math facts, etc.  Make it fun by turning it into a game.  Set mini goals and rewards along the way.
  • Be involved!  When parents are involved on a consistent basis, your child will be more successful in school. 


When Do I Need To Meet About My Child’s IEP?

 The IEP (individual educational plan) team which consists of the parent, classroom teacher, ESE teacher, and any other needed individuals will meet at least once a year to develop an educational plan for your child. 

At any time, any member can call a meeting to review and revise the IEP.  This is different from a parent conference, or any other meeting where concerns for your child are discussed.  If you would like to schedule an IEP review, please contact me by calling me at the school, sending me an email or by communicating with your child's classroom teacher.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 239-283-3043 or