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 Library Policies

  Librarian: Sarah Bernard






**Students at Lewis Vincent enjoy a regularly scheduled library period each week.  During this time they are allowed to browse the collection, check out books, engage in free reading time, and participate in a variety of media activities.  The library is also available before school, on designated days, to return and exchange books and to take AR tests.



**Lewis Vincent proudly participates in the Accelerated Reader program.  AR is a computer generated program that helps establish a reading instructional level for each student and motivates students to read for pleasure.  All 2nd-5th grade students will participate in our AR program.  Every nine weeks each student is given an individual AR goal that they are challenged to meet.  The students who meet their goal each nine weeks are invited to participate in a free dress day.  Special incentives are provided to those students who go beyond their reading goals.



**Students who lose or damage a book beyond repair will be charged the replacement cost of the book.  A student will not be allowed to check out another book while lost books are being sought.  Students who mistreat books, or lose books and do not pay for them will be limited to using books only in the library.  If the book is returned after a student pays for it you will be reimbursed all of money.  Please encourage your child to search for their book before you pay for it.