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About Us

Albany School started out as a 3-story building. It was built around 1954 behind where the fire department is now. Over time, the lunchroom had to be moved across the street (where our school is now), because of overcrowding. Then, as the population grew, a new high school had to be built. Where the 2nd grade is now, that was junior high and the other two wings were elementary. During this time, Mr. Reeves was the principal over all of the different grades. Whenever a student was punished, it is said that he would read the bible to them.

The final move was when the middle school was built and 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades were moved to the main building. Today, we have a separate high school, and middle school. Although the elementary school is split into upper grades and lower grades, they share the same cafeteria.

29777 South Montpelier, Albany, LA  70711