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Box Tops for Education


We collect Box Tops off of cereal and other related food products.  Cut them out and turn them in to your child’s teacher to help our school earn cash.

For more information e-mail:

Community Coffee


Please send in the UPC bar code from all Community products that you purchase.  This will help us earn cash for our schools.  These can be turned in to your child’s teacher throughout the school year.


For more information e-mail:

Office Depot
  Office Depot will designate 5% of any purchase to the school of your choice.  The next time you make a purchase, please ask the cashier to send 5% to French Settlement Elementary.

 School-wide Fundraisers


Once a year, we have a few fundraisers for the school and local charities.

In previous years, we have done a cookie dough sale.


We also sell LION PRIDE school spirit t shirts once a year for our monthly LION PRIDE DAYS.


Please check your child's folder each week for any upcoming fundraiser information.

Thank you for your support.