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Jr. Beta
Ms. Danel Vohsberg and Mrs. Shanea Buras are the Junior BETA Sponsors. The Junior BETA Club is an academic club that accepts students that maintained A-B honor roll the entire previous school year.
Academic Requirements:
  • Students who receive one "C" on any report card will be put on academic probation.  The students have to bring the grade up before the next report card or they will be dismissed from the Junior BETA Club.
  • Students who receive a "D" or "F" on any report card will automatically be dismissed from the Junior Beta Club.
  • Earn 135 BETA points during the course of the school year.  BETA points are earned through school or community volunteer work.
  • Junior BETA students are expected to present themselves in a respectful manner in both the school and community.
  • Junior BETA students are required to attend district and state competitions.
Any student receiving one office referral during the school year will be dismissed from the Junior BETA Club.

4-H Club
Mrs. Ginger Salassi is the 4-H sponsor. Information will be sent home with students in grades 4-6.