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Student PII (Personal Student Information)


Recent Louisiana law protects your student's personal and identifiable information from being shared publicly. The law prevents us from including your child's information in newspapers, social media, athletic programs, yearbooks, etc. Our staff will never share information about  your child without your consent. Only a legal guardian has access to school records and personal information. As such, we also cannot share any information about another student with you.  We also cannot share information over the phone unless we can verify your identity. You may be required to come to the school office for any information you require. 


***A PII form and a Media Release form are sent home every year in your beginning of the year packet. Please sign and return these forms so we may have your consent to display your child's name or image on social media, newspapers, yearbook, videos, etc. If you want to decline your child's PII to be used in any way, please contact the school to make us aware of your request. (225) 698-6848.