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What Do I Need for Registration?


1. Original Social Security Card

2. Original Birth Certificate

3. Current Immunization Record

4. Current electric bill (DEMCO, Entergy)

5. One other proof of residence (see list below)

6. Copy of Parent Driver’s License (A birth parent or legal guardian must appear to register a student)

7. Custody Papers (if applicable). Provisional custody or custody papers “filed” by an attorney cannot be accepted.  All custody papers must be signed by a judge in order to be used. (State ordered child removal may be an exception.)


Acceptable Proofs of Residency

(This must show the custodial parent’s name with a service address that is within the Doyle Elementary school district)

  • An original bill for monthly services (insurance, phone, water, gas, cable, internet, etc…)
  • A certified copy of the Act of Sale for Home (not property only)
  • A current Livingston Parish Homestead Exemption notification
  • An original lease agreement/rental contract with current date
  • Medicaid/Medicare or Social Security letter with current date
  • Livingston Parish Food Stamp verification letter with current date
  • IRS statement with current date
  • Voter’s registration card


**Children must turn 5 years old on or before September 30 in order to be eligible to register for Kindergarten.**



If you do not have all of this required information for registration, you may not be allowed to register. You may register later when all documents are complete.