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Mrs. Hoff has been teaching at RFH for 18 years as a Special Education teacher.She has been in my subjects for In Class Support, but for the past 12 years she has been in English ICS and Resource English. She has her B.S. in Special Education from Monmouth Univeristy


Office Hours:
By appointment Monday - Thursday 7:10-7:40

(students are encouraged to make appointment 24 hours in advane to avoid conflicts)



English Language III Period 1  Rm 307

 English Language I Period 3 Rm 308

English III Preiod  6  Rm 303

LLD English Period 7 Rm 306

Testing Study Hall Period 9 Rm 301


English Language III Period 1

English III Syllabus 2022-2023


English Language I Period 3

2022-2023 English Language I Syllabus - MP 1


LLD English period 7

English LLD I Syllabus - MP 1 2022-2023