May is...

The Power of Trustworthiness & Reliability


May 1 to May 5 is PEACE WEEK at A.C.S.



Be A Super Hero For Peace!


Peace Week at A.C.S.


 Youth Violence Prevention Week


May 1 – May 5




Monday May 1


We Are Hip for Peace


Wear  tie dye “hippie” clothing


Tuesday May 2


Peace In


Wear pajamas


Classes share stories, poems & quotes of peace


Wednesday May 3


Be a Good Sport for Peace


Wear your favorite sport clothing or sport shirt


Thursday May 4


Peace Comes In Many Colors


Wear your grade level color OR a rainbow of colors


PreK & K=red, 1=orange, 2=yellow, 3=green, 4=blue, 5=purple


Friday May 5


Unite In Action for Peace


Wear maroon & gray to school



   Classes continue using their super powers to practice peaceful ways to handle conflict. Using empathy is one strategy we are practicing in grades 3-5. Our fourth graders will be creating a super hero for the power of responsibility. We will also discuss how responsibility matters in the worlkd of work too. In the younger grades, we are working on using our words and I messages to express our feelings. We are better together when we combine our super powers!



We have unleashed our powers of TRACK by using our super power traits! We have already reached our TRACK Acts goal! 

Our ACS students are Super Heroes!!!

Our super traits are: