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January is...

Using Empathy to resolve conflicts

Habit 5: Seek to Understand. Then to be Understood


All classes will practice the skills from the Be Your Best Bullying Prevention Program during class lessons,

class meetings, and when it is needed!


*PreK and Kindergarten class lessons relate to understanding the feelings of others.

*First graders are using their kind super powers to solve their conflicts.

*Second graders will build on friendship skills with respect and cooperation.

*Third graders will use their empathy skills to handle stress.

*Fourth graders continue with discussions on what responsibilty looks like for successful students.

*Fifth graders will begin their self identity unit during Art time with Mrs. Rovelli and Mrs. Almeida


Community Campfires topic: How can listening make us stronger problem solvers?


Our Peace Ambassador League Students (PALS) will meet this month to create posters for our Buddy Bench.


Support groups for winter will begin the week of January 29.


SCHOOL WIDE PROJECT: The Great Kindness Challenge!