October is...

Using the power of kind to learn with others.

That makes us all more successful!


All classes continue learning ways to prevent bullying.

Lessons will relate to how we handle conflict and how we can calm ourselves down in conflict.


*PreK and Kindergarten class lessons get us to understand how rules keep us safe and how we can be happier learners.

*First graders are using their super powers of kind to help.

*Second graders will learn about why being mean never winds.

*Third graders will figure out how unity helps us feel safe to learn.

*Fourth and fifth graders will have a cyber citizen lesson with Mrs. Almeida and Mrs. Ryu.


Community Campfires continue in October with why kind is a super power that makes our community strong!!!


Our Peace Ambassador League Students (PALS) have begun being hall greeters. They spark the power of respect in our halls for our younger citizens! 


Support groups will begin the week of October 16 for grades 1-5!