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Support Groups

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Individual Short-Term Counseling:
At parent, teacher or individual student request, Mrs. Almeida will conduct short-term individual or small group  20-30 minute sessions with a student. Solution Focused strategies are used to address specific needs of the child related to the school setting. Usually, no more than 3-8 sessions will be held to address the given issues.  Typical issues addressed include peer relations, anger control, stress management, decision making, self-esteem, appropriate classroom behavior, family change issues, etc.  If the identified needs show little or no improvement at the end of the short-term sessions, a referral for out-of-school counseling is suggested to the parent.  Many students seen individually will also be included in our support groups.

Support Groups at A.C.S. 

The support groups are scheduled in the fall and the spring based on parent input and teacher recommendations.  A form goes out in September with a newsletter and again in January with a newsletter.  Groups relate to specific needs and are open to all students as a first come first served basis.  Children are not forced to attend but urged to by the teacher and counselor. A parent must sign the form in order for a child to be able to attend. The purpose of the groups is to serve as a comfortable outlet for the children to develop appropriate social and emotional skills to best cope with individual issues.  There are between 6-10 sessions for each group.  Most but not all meet during the grade level lunch time so that they are able to practice specific skills at recess.  All support groups are open for every student in our school.  Depending on group space availability, children are welcome throughout the group term.


Fall group sign ups are in September

Groups begin in October to December


Winter groups sign ups are in January

Groups begin in January to March/April


Spring "Transition" groups for grades 2-5 begin in May until June



Fall Groups 
Monday: LUNCH BUNCH 2-3 & COOL Club 4-5
Tuesday: FAD (Feelings Awareness Discussion) 4-5, CANDO Buddies 1 

Wednesday: WONDERS (changing families) 1-5

Thursday: CANDO Crew 1, FRIENDS 2-3 ,WONDERS (changing families) 1-5


Wednesdays during fifth grade lunch time:

All year the PALS/Peace Ambassador League Students in Grade 5 assist in the development of activities on school climate


In place of a group, Kindergarten Classes participate in STAR PALS social skills games once a month from January until June. Gr. 5 PALS join in the game time to build our communication skills as well!


Winter Groups 
Monday: LUNCH BUNCH 2-3 & GRITT Club 4-5
Tuesday:  CANDO Buddies 1
Thursday: CANDO Crew 1, FRIENDS 2-3, WONDERS 1-5
Friday: STAR Pals K social skills group with PALS in each class 1/time per month




Mingle Mondays are for students meeting at lunch time to prepare for the transitions ahead. Grade level teachers supply a list of skills that benefit students in that grade level.  A weekly topic allows students to share their concerns and information is provided the following week. Students attend voluntarilly and as a teacher request. Topic may include study skills/being organized, peer pressure, speaking to authority figures, goal setting, career awareness

Topics will change for seasonal groups based on group make up,
 personality dynamics

and assessments by teachers and parents.

Is your child in a group?
Check out the Group Events page to find out the session's topic!

Interested in a group?

Contact the school counselor for information!