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My name is Mrs. Bartnicki and I'll be your art teacher :)  I'm looking forward to celebrating a school year together, that's filled with lots of CREATIVITY!!!

Below, is an overview of our weekly ART schedule;



MONDAY=  Each Monday at B.A.C. is "My Masterpiece Monday". On this day of VIRTUAL learning, we will 

explore Art together (in creative ways), on our Art              Google Classroom. 

TUESDAY= Cohort A will have ART at B.A.C.

(Cohort B will be remote)

WEDNESDAY= Cohort B will have ART at B.A.C. 

(Cohort A will be remote)

THURSDAY= Cohort A will have ART at B.A.C.

(Cohort B will be remote)

FRIDAY= Cohort B will have ART at B.A.C

(Cohort A will be remote)

NOTE; 'Cohort C' will attend ART each day of the ART QUINT with their assigned class.

NOTE; 'Cohort D' will have "My Masterpiece Monday" and 2 'Live' ART and 2 Connected Online Activities each week. 


Suggested ART SUPPLIES for 'at-home' learning;

sketchbook, pencil, eraser, scissor, glue stick,

Sharpie markers (black), crayons, markers.

OPTIONAL ITEMS; colored pencils, and watercolor paint kit, yarn and old magazines.



If you have ART for Quint 1, please take a moment to 'join' our ART GC. The code is listed according to your grade level;

Grade 1 (Draghi) ~ ir4c5tm

Grade 2 (Plumbo) ~ afk6wnx

Grade 3 (Breen) ~ 6y5yktl

Grade 4 (Yakimec) ~ khhehmi


 B.A.C. VIrtual Back To School Night Google Meet link 5:30-6:00 on 9/9/2020




Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

BAC ~ 850-3161 ext. 1219