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Mon., Jan. 23rd - Chinese New Year - wear red


Mon., Jan. 30th - Catholic Schools Week begins


Wed., Feb. 1st - 9:00AM Mass


Fri., Feb. 3rd - Student Appreciation Day





Week of  1/23 - 1/27


The children will celebrate Chinese New Year on Monday They will make a dragon fan and headpiece. They will use them while dancing to Chinese music. They will hear the story "Red is a Dragon" and they'll enjoy eating oranges, Chinese noodles and fortune cookies. And the children will see where China is located on our globe. Don't forget to wear red on Monday!


The children will explore the senses of touch and sight. They will play games and do pages from their "I Am Special" religion book on these senses. They'll realize the importance of these senses and they'll thank God for them.


This week, we will review the letters we've done so far. The children will identify the letter on the card. They will volunteer words, beginning with that letter. They will also identify numbers 0 through 10. They will continue to use their counters, to practice making groups and combining and separating them.


The children will also improve their verbal skills and creativity skills when they make their projects of a hot cocoa mug and a collage using colorful shapes. They will dictate their thoughts about each project and see their spoken words written down.


God bless,

Mrs. Siebenmann




Note: Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather; we go outside everyday, weather permitting. Also, make sure jackets, sweaters, etc. are labeled with child's name.