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-5 players and a goalie will play at a time (at least one girl on the floor at all times). 
-You may have up to 4 subs. 
-Subbing is on the fly.
-Game starts with a tip off.
-When you have the ball in your hands you cannot move your feet except to pivot.
-Any player without the ball can move.
-If the ball hits the floor it is a dead ball and change of possession. (you cannot dribble the ball and if you drop the ball when a teammate passes it to you.)
-if an opposing player deflects the ball to the ground or intercepts the ball it is a change of possession where the ball hit the floor (or player has possession of the ball).
-Score by throwing the ball into the net.  the ball can bounce or deflect off of someone/something before going into the net.
-out of bounds is on the bleachers or stage.
-because there is a running clock, after a goal is scored the team that did not score will start with the ball.

There will be a 7 minute running clock.
Single elimination.