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 Social Studies - The Student's Nationality/Family Heritage Suitcase is due back Monday with all papers still in it.  Please do not keep any papers home.  The students are to decorate their suitcase (front and back) with things that represent their country.  For example, they can put pictures of landmarks, famous people, flag, animals, popular foods, music, instruments, sports, symbols, etc.  They can be printed out, drawn, stickers, ets.  On Monday, students will present their suitcase and talk about their heritage/culture.  They can (not mandatory) also share with the class something from home that is special about their culture - example, money, music, pictures, clothes, etc.  The students can also wear something that represents their culture.  Please bring clothes in a bag and they will change before presenting.  Dressing up is also optional.  If you have any questions, please email or send me a text.  The kids have been having so much fun doing this project and can't wait for Monday.  Below is an example of a suitcase. 

***Communion Retreat will be April 30th, 2019 for our class.  Students will stay after school and we will eat a snack in the classroom. Then, we will attend the retreat from 3:30-5:30. 






We have received our schedule for our specials for the 3rd Trimester...
Monday - Music
Tuesday - STEAM and Art
Wednesday - Spanish and Science Lab
Thursday - Gym & Library
Friday - Computers