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Test Update

I have graded both the religion and spelling tests. The students have seen their scores. I will be sending them home on Monday with a sheet to be signed and the tests returned for my folder.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Spelling Words

rock     job     sack     mess     list     sad     tag     dust     desk     chop    rib     drum     twin     club     front     ours     farm     barn     bus     town


Vocabulary Words

Cousins- Sons and daughters of uncles and aunts

Promise- to give your word to do something

Parents - father and mother

Meadow- a piece of grassy land







1. Students should bring in all supplies found on 2021-2022 School Supplies Tab. Please label all supplies including fleeces, backpacks, lunch boxes, art smocks, etc...


2. Students should bring in an allergy free snack and water each day. On early dismissal days we still have both snack and lunch.


3. If your child has an allergy please send in a note on the first day of school in their red folder.


4. Please pack a spare mask in your child's backpack each day.





Students should have their dismissal method written on the inner left side of their red take home folder. If your child is a bus rider, their pass should be taped to the inner left side of the folder. If they are not taking the bus please write car rider or PM Care. If their schedule varies please try your best to write the known schedule in the folder. 


Send in a note if there is a change to your child's dismissal method. Please call the main office if their dismissal method changes throughout the course of the day. Please do not depend on your child to know their correct dismissal method. 





Snack will be eaten in the classroom around 9:25 AM each day. Please send in a healthy/allergy free snack and water. Please pack your child's snack in a separate and labeled bag so it is not confused with their lunch.  





Students may bring lunch from home or purchase from the cafeteria. See the school website and handbook for additional information. Please note that students will have both snack and lunch on half days.