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Please label all your child's belongings with his/her first and last name.  This includes school fleeces, sweaters, lunch boxes and book bags.  


1.  Students should bring in all school supplies (see 2020-2021 2nd grade school supply tab).  Please label all supplies, including art smock. Also note,  I have added more information about school supplies below.  


2.  Students should bring an allergy free snack and water.  If your child has an allergy, please send in a note on the first day of school.


3.  Students should have their dismissal method written on the left hand side of their red folder.  If your child is a bus rider, his/her bus pass should be taped to the inside of the folder.  If they are not taking the bus, please write car rider or PM care.




Please write your child's regular dismissal method inside their red folder on the left hand side.  If your child will be riding the bus, please tape his/her bus pass to the left hand side of his/her folder.  If they will be a car rider, please write that in their folder.  If your dismissal method varies from day to day, please do your best to specify the schedule in their folder.  


Send in a note if there is a change of dismissal at any point during the year.  Please call the office as soon as possible if it changes during the day.  Please do not depend on your child to know the correct dismissal method.  





Snack will be eaten in the classroom around 9:25 every day.  Please send in a healthy snack and only water.  We are a nut free classroom.  Please pack your child's snack in a separate bag so it is not confused with their lunch.  Please write their name on his or her brown bags.




Students may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  Parents can order lunch via the school's web site.  Please check the school handbook for additional information.  Students will have both lunch and snack on half days.



Please note some changes to the supply list and when items are needed:


Please bring the following the first day of school:


Pencil case (soft covered)


2 Boxes of Yellow #2 Pencils (No mechanical pencils, No decorative pencils)


2 Latex Free Erasers 


2 Crayons (box of 16 Count Only)


Assorted Markers – (thin washable box of 8 or 10 Count Only)


1 Scissors (5” Fiskars)


8 Glue Sticks


4 – 9x12 Laminated Folders (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)


2 Jumbo Book Socks - 1 red and 1 blue



The following will be sent in at a later date:


Flex supplies - if child goes to Flex


¾” Masking Tape 


1 Package of Multi-Colored Construction Paper


1 Watercolor and Brush Set 


 Suggested Remote Learning Supplies For At Home Use:
• Crayons • Markers • Construction Paper • Loose Leaf Paper • Printer Paper • # 2 Pencils • Erasers



 The following is an example of how to log on to each educational website...


Our Language Arts Series can be found at This includes the text book and RWN.


Username:  kerriconnor@stleo  (use your child's frist and last name followed by @stleo)

Password:  Connor2B  (every student has the same password)


Our Math Series can be found at


Username:  KCONNOR2B (your child's first iniatial then last name followed by 2B in all caps)

Password:  CONNOR2B (every students has the same password)


ReadWorks - To access it please log onto  Our class code is BECVYZ and the password is 1234. 




Username:  stleo

Password:  grolier


If you have any question, please email me at


We have received our schedule for our specials for the 1st Trimester...

Monday - Music and Spanish
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Library/Computers Bi-Weekly
Thursday - Gym 
Friday - STEAM