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Week of 5/11-5/15

Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard and post a flipgrid video on your show & tell day.



1. OUR CATERPILLARS FINALLY ARRIVED!! Please be sure to check our flipgrod to learn all about our caterpillars. I will post video or pictures to show the children how our caterpillars are growing. They will see the different stages and how they grow into beautifhul butterflies. Use the attached chart to keep track of how many days it takes the caterpillars to form into their chysalis and then how many days it takes for them to become a butterfly.  butterfly day chart.png 

Watch "Butterfly World" virtual tour to learn all about butterflies. When finished print out the life cycle of the butterfly and color. butterfly life cycle.png  

2. As we see the stages of our butterflies, you will document what you see on the attached sheet.  All you need to do is draw a picture of whet you see.  You will get these observation sheets for each stage of the butterfly. caterpillar observation.png 

3. Caterpillar math.  Use the attached sheet to recognize, read and count your numbers. Look at the number and finish the caterpillars body by drawing the correct amount of circles. caterpillar math.png 

4. Lets learn our next word family...-et word family.  All the words you create will have the same -et ending like bet & get. Listen to Jack Hartman -et word video

 Can you think of some other words and write them down on your wipe off card or white board, then complete the attached sheets. -et word matching.png , -et word family dice game.png 

5. Word family activity. Create words that end in -et.  Use playdough, rice/flour mix, magnetic letters, etc...(see flipgrid)




1.  Listen to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" What are some different foods the caterpillar ate each day of the week? Can you name all of them?  What happened to the caterpillar on Saturday when he ate all that food? What did the caterpillar do on Sunday to make him feel better?

2. Caterpillar Activity.  Can you paint or draw your own caterpillar?

All you need is:

* paint/crayons(I would use a small paper plate for each color)

* plastic fork for grass: dip the back of the fork in green paint & press onto bottom of white paper

* plastic cup: dip the top of the cup in paint and press onto paper to make circles.  This is the caterpillars body. Make sure you connect the circles and draw a face on your caterpillar. If you are using crayons you have to trace the cup. (see flipgrid for an example)

3. Butterfly count and write. Count the dots on the butterfly and writ down how many you see. butterfly counting.png 

4. Continue with -et word family. Lets see if you can sound out the word and then cut and glue them in the box. -et word family.png, practice saying the words and writing them.  What do they all have in common? They rhyme -et word tracing.png 




1. Enjoy the beautiful day and go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and see if you spot any butteflies! Outdoor-Scavenger-Hunt-5.pdf 

2. Did you ever notice that when you look at a butterflies wings they are both exactly the same.  This is called symmetry.For example if you have a paper heart and you fold it in half, both sides line up and are the same. See flipgrid for an example.

3. Now that you know what symmetry is complete the two butterfly worksheets.  Both sides of the butterfly have to be exactly the same. symmetry butterflies-1.pngsymmetry butterflies-2.png

4. You guys are doing such a great job with your word families.  Lets wrap up our -et word family.  Trace and write the words and see if you can sound them out.  They all have the same ending.  I bet you can all do it. -et word matching.png-et word house.png