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This website if for both 7th & 8th grade science.  If you need to reach me for questions, please email me at .  


I intend to have both courses as hands on courses.  The intent is to have them experience science rather than just "read" about it.  With that said, much of the book work is independent but will be covered in class in various forms.  In class when we read everyone reads the section aloud together.  I encourage you as students and parents to do this at home as well.  When a student reads the text out loud they have 3 times the chance of remembering what they read.  Reading aloud has them see it, hear it, and verbally say it.  This makes it easier for many students, especially the ones who may struggle.  


As a teacher and parent, I think it is important to keep you updated.  With that in mind, your child will bring home a grade report periodically to have you sign.  This is entered into the gradebook as a 1, 0, or Z.  If they have a 1, they returned it signed by you (THANK YOU)!  If it is a 0, your child returned it but did not have a signature.  If your child has a Z, I never received the report back.  This is in the gradebook for you to be able to check, it is not affecting their grade AT ALL.  


Other information regarding the class will be upcoming!