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Welcome to Kindergarten!  We have a busy month ahead as we continue to read our chapter book series The Magic Treehouse.   We will be exploring many different places and time periods.  We are learning a lot about the characters Jack and Annie and have been including them in our chapter summaries.  So far we have explored a world of dinosaurs, Medieval Times, Ancient Egypt, and the life of pirates. We have finished up our background exploration of the Amazon Rainforest and we are very excited to start out next book. We will continue to dramatize story events based on each chapter that we read and we continue to work in our centers.  


This month we will begin working in our guided reading groups.  We continue to bring books home on a weekly basis and we have been doing a great job working on our phonics, decoding strategies,  and reading strategies.  Please continue to check homework folders for our weekly sight words.


This is such a vital year for your child as it sets the tone in how they percieve their educational experience.  Kidergarten is your child's first experience in a structured educational setting and my goal is to provide him or her with a positive learning environment that will fuel their desire to not only enjoy learning and being in school but to also help develop the drive to continue their education into their college years.  


In order to keep you up to date your child will recieve a folder that will be the lifeline to our classroom and school activities.  Please check this folder daily.  During the school year we will be utilizing the program "Tools of the Mind."  The Tools of the Mind curriculum will foster your child's development in all aspects of academic growth.  I encourage you to visit the link provided in the left margin to become better aquainted with the program that will be utilized this year.

I strive to make sure my classroom is a place where every child can feel successful and confident as they learn and grow in a positive environment.  My goal is for each of my students to develop a strong love of learning and a passion for school.  


We will work together this year to provide your child a successful and rewarding experience!  I value your input and require your support.  You are the expert on your child.  Please feel free to let me know what you feel will help make this year triumphant.  I will do all I can to assist you.  In turn, I need your assistance as well.


Please check our website periodically and feel free to share your thoughts too.  I would love to hear from you!