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IB Learner Profile Hurricane of the Month: 




Students choose a classmate who exhibits the the IB LEARNER PROFILE of the month.


During the month of August, students are observant of classmates who ask questions about their learning, are curious about topics and concepts being discussed, and show an interest in the learning events going on around them.  



The IB Planner of Inquiry is:


Sharing the Planet



What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • Habitats

  • The interaction of humans with the global environment

  • Responsibility of humans

  • Endangerment and extinction of species

What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

  1. Why are insects important for our survival?

  2. What are human responsibilities in relation to other species?

  3. What things are needed for the survival of Gulf Coast species?

  4. What are factors that contribute to the destruction of wetlands and other habitats?

  1. Why do humans destroy wilderness?




You are a concerned citizen and you have just discovered that a species, which you care deeply about, is being negatively affected by urban development.   As a caring, knowledgeable I.B. student you decide you must take action immediately!!  If not, this poor, helpless species may become extinct!  Use your creativity to design a comprehensive plan to solve the problem, save the species, and take action!  




ESOL Resources Galore



Recommended Homework


Monday - Friday


Read AR Books and Books Related to our current Unit of Study For 30 minutes. 

Practice saying and writing multiplication facts 2x0 through 12x12.  

Math practice book pages which cover the concepts being covered in class.

 Spelling Choice

Language Arts Grammar Worksheets










   Quarter 2



  Weekly AR Goals:  

Week 3  -  35% of points goal

Week 4  -  45% of points goal   








Username:  first and last name initials and single sign on number


Password:  first and last name initials and single sign on number


School:  ODYSSEY





The following website is great for working on Reading Skills:


Dear Parents, 




Please sign your child's planner each day. Many students are making remarkable progress. 




Also,  I try to keep you up to date about when the students will be having checks (tests), checkpoints (quizzes), and assignments; but I cannot always provide you with specific dates  if :




       * we have not thoroughly covered all of the required concepts.


       *  students are having difficulty with concepts and review is required.


       * events or activities interfere with planned lessons or activities.