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Elsinboro School District

Medication Administration Policy



Occasionally your child’s doctor will prescribe medication which must be taken during the school day. In order to assure the safe administration of all medications, this procedure must be followed:


  • The parent or guardian must provide a written request for the administration of the medication, including the name of the medication, dosage and time it is to be given.
  • Your physician must provide written orders detailing the diagnosis or type of illness   involved, name of drug, time of administration and possible side effects.
  • The medication must be brought to the school nurse in the original container appropriately labeled by the physician or pharmacist.
  • Send only the amount of medication which is to be taken in school.
  • For over the counter medication such as, Motrin, your physician will have to complete the medication form. (see below)
  • Students are not permitted to carry medication to school. All medications, including inhalers need to be brought in by the parent.


Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. 



 Blank med form 2023 2024.docx 

 Asthma Action plan.pdf