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Absences: Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process. When your child is absent, he or she misses valuable instructional time. Please send a written note of explanation with your child when he/she returns to class. Excessive absences may result in retention.


Accelerated Reader (AR): The Accelerated Reader program is an independent reading program. Students read books from a selected list and then take short computer quizzes to test comprehension. Students earn points based upon the length of the book and their performance on the quiz. Students will be tested at the beginning of the year and periodically throughout the year to find their approximate independent reading level.


Assignments: All class work and homework must be completed in pencil. 
All work must be neat and easy to read; sloppy work may be handed back to the student to redo. 
When a student is absent, he/she will be expected to complete missing work. 
Each week, students will receive a homework grade.


Book bags: Your child will be allowed to carry a book bag. Library books, homework and completed work will be going home with your child. Please check your child’s book bag daily.


Communication: Communication is an essential ingredient in our success together. Please feel free to send in a note, send an email or call.  See the contact Mrs. Bullock link.


Discipline: Establishing good classroom discipline is important for each child’s success, confidence and safety. Every child should feel safe and secure in the classroom environment. In addition, it is important that each child develop self-discipline and good work habits. It is also vital that each child learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and learn how to think independently. In order for all children in our class to learn, they need rules and guidelines to follow.


Effort: I hold high expectations for each and every student in our classroom. I expect and encourage all students to do their best in everything they do.


FSA: Students are given the FSA Science, Reading, and Math in 5th grade. Practice is critical – READ WITH YOUR CHILD AT HOME!  HAVE THEM CREATE THEIR OWN EXPERIMENTS!  HAVE THEM COOK WITH YOU!  All of these ideas will help your children in all subject areas!


 Homework: Homework is an extension of the learning that is happening in the classroom. It will be assigned Monday-Thursday. I expect every student to complete homework. 


Kindness: Students are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class, as well as others, with kindness and respect. Hitting, fighting, name-calling, and making-fun of others are actions which are not tolerated.


Levels: On your child’s report card, you will notice the levels at which your child is independently working in reading, writing, and math. ANY STUDENT working substantially or minimally below grade level at the end of the third quarter will be considered for retention.


Practice: Please practice skills taught in class at home with your child.


Report cards: Your child will receive a report card every nine weeks. Be sure to pay close attention to the levels your child is working on independently.


Signing out: There may be times when you may need to sign your child out early. This is done in the front office. Children may not leave the classroom before being signed out. This includes times you may be in the classroom for events. You will need to leave the classroom and sign your child out in the office. The office will call as soon as this is completed.


Star testing: Your child will be tested in reading and math using a computerized test. This test is known as the Star test. We will send home a report each time your child takes this test. Please be sure to sign and return this report.


Tardiness: Please be sure your child is on time for school. We start lessons on time and do not want your child to miss important information.


Toys: Toys are not allowed on campus. Any toys taken from your child will need to be picked up by a parent.


Visitors: Please sign in at the office.


You: You are your child’s first teacher, and you play an extremely important role in your child’s education.


Zzzzzzzz’s: Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest. It will help keep your child alert and ready to learn.