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Welcome to 2nd. Grade*


            I am so excited about this upcoming school year! We will continue to implement Journeys  in Reading and Eureka  in Math. This year we will also introduce and use a Reading Curriculumn called, "IRLA". 


            I believe strong parent-teacher communication is essential. Support at home is crucial to your child’s success.  I will involve you in your child’s academic growth and progress throughout the year.


            We have a very  fun year ahead! We will be reading and writing stories, exploring new Math concepts, and conducting many experiments across the curriculum. The students will also work to make connections between subject areas and learn how to relate content to their own lives. I love introducing new concepts using a variety of hands-on, child centered activities; therefore, learning will take place in a safe, fun, and engaging environment through which many learning styles are addressed.


            We will work to establish a strong, class community in which every student feels comfortable and cared for. Our class motto for this year is “alone we can accomplish little but together, the sky is the limit”! We will work together as a team/family  and strive towards the finish line where EVERY student will be winners in his/her own unique way!


            Let’s run this race together!




                                    Ms. Baudoin


Below is an update of our academic studies:


Reading: Main Idea and details. Researching an exciting place to explore to learn new things.

Writing a research paper after gathering information.

Language: Recognizing, reading, and writing verbs: past, present, future. 

Spelling:  We are identifying and spelling compound words.          

Math: Unit 4: Ongoing study of Addition with/without regrouping.

One and Two step word problems.


Our Math Curriculum has been revised for the 2013-2014 academic school year.

We will merge  "Engage New York" with the "Common Core" Curriculum.

The Math curriculum is very structured and provides much rigor from the teacher and student.

Parents, I need your help with the completion of daily homework.

It is essential to your child's academic success to complete all homework.

I do understand that many of the skills are not familiar to parents.

I encourage you to visit the Engage New York web site and familarize yourself

with the Math portion so you can better assist your child.

             There is more than one way to arrive at the right answer!
        Our job is to help each child find his/her
own way there!