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Hey everyone!

I hope you are all okay! I am thinking about you and praying for you. Stay safe! 


Distance Learning Instructions:

We will be using Google Classroom.

Click here for a direct link to Google Classroom.


Important: I have opened up the settings to allow students to post and respond to messages on Google Classroom. If you have a question about something, you are more than welcome to post it there. Either myself or one of your classmates can respond to you to help you out!


*If you do not remeber your Google classroom login or if you are not signed up for my class in Google classroom, click on the Google Classroom tab located on the left!*



If you are interested in receiving meals, see the Meals for Kids tab on the left of the webpage.



I am going to give this whole Flipgrid thing a try. 

Click here to see my videos!

Use your Google Classroom login information to sign in.

Flipgrid videos will also be available through Google Classroom.



Geaux Bucs!

Mrs. Jenna Remedies-France