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t is difficult to summons the holiday spirit of joy and gladness during the current health crises, but one hour spent with our students, observing them completing their academic work will fill you with the season's blessing.  So, feel free to come observe.  Call me for a time you can come, and I will schedule you a day and time.   You will be glad, and that's a Christmas promise.


The self-contained class at Lee Junior High School provides learning opportunity for students whose differences result in severe difficulties with learning.  Set within Lee's culture of accomplishmesent and engagement, students who find it very difficult to learn are provided dynamic opportunities to be succes

   The observable issue for young people with learning difficulties in junior high is that they function significantly below grade level.  Without intervention, they can begin high school reading at the first grade level, if that.  My ambition is to have students function at or near 8th grade when they leave Neville Junior High for high school.  This may seem over-ambitous, but I must try.  For as James Stewart said in Shanandoah, "We have to try, because if we don't try we don't do, and if we dont do, what in the world are we here for."


WEEK AT A GLANCE  02/15-02/19/2021

  02/15/2021: President's Day

     MLK Service Day

  02/16:  Professopnal students


     7:30  Breakfast

     800   Life Skills

     8:22  Choir

     9.13   Math

    10:04  ELA and Reading

    11:42  Lunch

    12:11  Electives(Literatre review, American History. Earth Science)  Great literature review

     1:02  Physical Education, Adaptive PE

     2;00 Dismissal