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7th/8th grade Health Classes



Typically each marking period will contain one unit, although some skipping around with unit lessons may occur. Students will have health class twice in the six day cycle, classes will be held in the computer lab which will be helpful for researching topics as needed. Health class will also include some fitness time, so students may be going outside to exercise or participate in a group activity during health classes. Students may want to wear or bring sneakers on health days in the event the fitness class will be held. Students do receive a grade for Health. Health grades will be determined based on class participation, notebook checks, one quiz per marking period, and marking period projects (if assigned). Health grades will either be an O, S+, S, S-, U or N. Remember any grade with a U or N will keep a student off honor roll regardless of other grades.


Unit 1: Wellness


Unit 2: Personal and Interpersonal Communication


Unit 3: Alcohol, Tobacco, Medicines and other drugs


 Unit 4: Family Life