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Welcome to Mrs. Swanson's Kindergarten class! This year we are going to have fun growing and learning as leaders of Team Trafalgar! We are a Leader in Me School, encouraging every student to find their inner leader. You will learn all about the 7 habits of an effective leader, and so will your child. It will be an exciting adventure as we learn and implement them into our lives! I am excited for a wonderful school year!


Here are a couple of reminders:


Please be sure to check your child's planner EVERY night and initial it so I know you have seen it. This is our best way to communicate. 




 If there are any changes in how your son or daughter is getting home, please WRITE IT IN THEIR PLANNER! It is very important that you tell your child, as well as let me know.





Our lunch time is from 10:30-10:55. You are more than welcome to come eat lunch with your child any day.




We have P.E. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:35, so please send your child with a water bottle (with their name on it), as well as a hat or sunglasses if they would like.


We also have recess every day, so a hat, sunglasses, and water bottle can also be used outside for recess!



Sight Words/ Phonograms:

Please be sure you are practicing sight words every night. The index cards that I sent home are a great way to practice with your child.

The words this week are: for, with, she, we


Please be sure you are practicing new words as well as reviewing previous words.



We are going to have a great year in Kindergarten. Please contact me with any concerns! My email is:





AR is a school (and district) wide reading program utilized to encourage students to read and build their love of reading.  In Kindergarten, most of the time, parents will be reading to their children.  As students learn to read they will share in the reading experience.  



The child will then come to school and take a computer generated test based on their book.  Every test they take gives them the opportunity to earn points towards their goal for the quarter.  Students who meet their goal each quarter have the opportunity to participate in a celebration of their efforts at the end of the quarter.  Students who do not meet their goal will participate in story time with a teacher. The deadline to meet the goal will be two days before the end of each quarter.   



Each quarter every child will start fresh with a new goal to attain for that quarter.  At the end of the year, students earning 50 or more points will earn a trophy for their hard-work all year.  



Parents can sign up using home connect (  and the login information sent home with their child to receive updates whenever their child has tested, and can see progress towards goals.  



 AR Celebrations for 2019 - 2020


                     Quarter 1:  Movie with popcorn


                     Quarter 2: Movie with hot chocolate and cookies


                     Quarter 3: Dance Party


                     Quarter 4: Lunch with the teacher