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Here are some important dates to remember:

October 12th Monster Mash

            23rd Report Cards go home            

            26th Fall Festival

            26th Storybook Parade

November 9th 4/5 Dance

            20th Turkey Trot & last day before Thanksgiving



     Our first habit is Be Proactive! We develop motivation and take pride in our work. We act in a responsible way toward self, family, school, and community. We show initiative. We think about our choices and are accountable and responsible for actions and results. We understand that choices affect others.

   Our second habit is Begin With the End in Mind. We use critical thinking to organize information. We develop the ability to set goals and follow through. We develop strong oral and written communication skills. We use creative thinking to solve problems.

   Our third habit is Put First Things First. We demonstrate time-management skills. We cultivate a strong work ethic. We are accountable and responsible for actions and results. We develop self-management.

   Our fourth habit is Think Win-Win. Through this habit we develop flexibility. We demonstrate attentive listening skills. We consider the views of other. We value the talents and abilities of others.

   Our fifth habit is Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. This habit helps us to develop good social and communication skills. We show compassion toward others and put others first. We appreciate different relationships and build and maintain healthy relationships.

   Our sixth habit is Synergize. We communicate and work as a team in a muticultural and interdependent world. We use our abilities to the fullest and value the talents and abilities of others.

   Our seventh habit is Sharpen the Saw. We demonstrate healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings. We recognize the relationship between personal behavior and individual well-being. We strive to be healthy for life.



 *Please check to be sure that your child is reading their AR books nightly.  They should be working on both fiction  and non-fiction books.  Remember to ask your child what their goal is for this quarter. 

*Please review homework with your child and help them make any corrections necessary. Your child should have their homework assignments written in their planner nightly.  Homework is a great way to practice the skills that we are working on in the classroom.  Please especially review math homework with your child on a nightly basis.