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                 Mrs. B's First Grade Class







    Our first habit is "Be Proactive." We develop motivation and take pride in our work. We act responsibly toward self, family, school, community, nation, and the world. We show initiative. We use our talents and abilities to their full potential.


    Our second habit is "Begin With the End in Mind."  This habit helps us to use critical thinking to organize information. We develop the ability to set goals and follow through.  We use creative thinking to solve problems. We develop intrapersonal skills of self-confidence and self-management.


   Our third habit is "Put First Things First." This habit helps us to demonstrate time management skills. We are accountable and responsible for actions and results. We cultivate a strong work ethic, flexibility, and adaptability.


   Our fourth habit is 'Think Win-Win." This habit helps us to be flexible and adaptable. We are open-minded and nonjudgemental. We demonstrate active listening skills and consider the views of others. We cultivate a spirit of cooperation.


   Our fifth habit is "Seek First to Understand,Then to be Understood." This habit helps us to show compassion toward others. We demonstrate attentive listening skills to build healthy relationships. We cultivate good social and communicaton skills.


   Our sixth habit is "Synergize." We learn to value other people's strengths and learn from them. We work well in groups and seek out other prople's ideas.


   Our seventh habit is "Sharpen the Saw." We learn to take care of our body, mind, heart, and soul. We balance all four parts of ourselves.



      There will be four AR rewards this year. They will be at the end of each quarter. Students must meet their point goal and achieve 85% or above on tests.  Please encourage your child to read and take tests at home. Any student who earns 75 points for the year will earn a trophy!




 Here are some tips to help our year run smoothly:

*Please check and sign the planner each day.

*Please write a note when your child is absent. Please do not write it in the planner as it must be sent to the office for documentation.

*Please notify us in writing of a change in dismissal plans.

*Please send lunch money to school in a plastic bag with both your child's name and the amount written on the bag.

*Please put your child's initials on their PE water bottle.

*Please read with your child at home.

*Please return homework packets on Friday.