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Dear Old Farmers Road School Parents,


There is a special satisfaction that comes from volunteering. Anyone who regularly helps out understands that sense of fulfillment. But, how do you get started? Which opportunity is the "right fit" for you? Here at school there are many ways to contribute your time and talents.



Most of our parent volunteers are associated with the PTA. Throughout the school year there are activities, events, and planning that the PTA takes a lead role in. Contact PTA President Mrs. Allyson Gallup at 


Art Room and Art Show Volunteers:

It takes continuous manpower to mat, display and rotate student artwork. Contact Art Teacher Mrs. Kelly Bruno at


Library Volunteers:

It’s amazing that our library circulates on average 1,200 books a week! School Librarian Mrs. Cheryl Kerpez would greatly appreciate your assistance by joining her group of volunteers. Contact



Did you know we have a special program just for grandparents? We call it Grandparent POWER! Do you know of a grandparent who has a special place in their heart for school age children? Contact me directly for details.


Wellness Committee:

Our School Nurse Mrs. Nancy Braithwaite works with parents to coordinate events that promote overall wellness. Contact


Character Development Committee:

Programs led by School Counselor Mrs. Jana Rojas, in partnership with the PTA, improve upon our school climate. Contact


In Addition:

There is of course scouting, recreational sports, the Long Valley Junior Women’s Club, and other service organizations that enhance the fabric of our community.


I hope you find a volunteer fit that brings you a sense of contribution and gratification!


To see my Principal's Messages...



Joseph Ciulla


"Caring is Cool at OFRS"