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Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 School Year


Homeroom Needs

1 box of tissues from each student (we go through  abut a box week 36 weeks = 36 boxes average homeroom has 32 students)

If you can donate please donate clorox wipes or the store brand equivilent and a roll of paper towles (we use thes to keep the desks clean for the students especially during cold and flu season)



Georgia History 2016 - 2017 Supply List

One 2 inch binder and 5 dividers



Notebook Paper

Colored Pencils

Note Cards


Notebook set up

Section 1 Warm-up Questions

Section 2 Portfolio

Section 3 Notebook Paper

Section 4 Work to be Graded


Academic Habits

1 inch binder

Notebook Paper

Pens andPencils 5 Dividers



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Below is my syllabus for Georgia History and Academic Habits



Textbook Concordance - will help you use the online textbook




8th Grade Georgia History

Mr. Hutchins  

Ms. Paiement / Ms. Miller

2016 - 2017



The purpose of this course is to give students a basic understanding of the flow of events in U.S. / Georgia History while preparing them for high school by practicing skills they will need to be successful. We will study the geography, climate, people, and major events, which have influenced the Georgia we know today.



The textbook we will be using is Georgia and the American Experience by the Clairmont Press. We will use a class set of this textbook, and students can access the online version of the textbook at home, however students who require a textbook for home use should have a parent request one in writing. Link to the Clairmont Press Book:  In addition we also have access to Georgia Studies Digital Textbook from Georgia Public Broadcasting, and of course students can use the New Georgia Encyclopedia which can be found at the following link:



Student’s performance will be determined by regular assessments in the form of quizzes, unit tests, projects as well as other forms of authentic assessment.



A = 100 - 90

B = 89 - 80

C = 79 - 74

D = 73 - 70

F = 69 - 0



Homework - 5%

Formative -  40% - Class-Work, Quizzes, Warm-up Book Quiz, etc.

Summative - 55% - Unit Test, Post-Test, Projects, Simulations, Portfolios


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (This is subject to change according to student needs and pacing.)




Students who don’t submit required graded work by the deadline will lose appropriate conduct card points.  Work may be submitted by the next class period on the following school day (24 hours) with no academic penalty. Any technology related homework that is not done due to a loss of internet and or technical difficulties must be documented by a signed note from a parent. Any work not submitted with this extension will be recorded as a “0” in the grade book.  Any student who earns a “0” within an instructional unit, other than for homework/graded practice, may be required to take an alternative assessment to earn a grade for that assignment.  This alternative assessment will require extended responses to assist with measuring the student’s mastery of the content standards. 



Any graded work not submitted on time will follow the late work policy.  No other options exist for graded work that is for homework/practice, but this work may be submitted for feedback only.  Homework and practice will count no more than 5% of the final grade.  Graded work beyond homework/practice, including assessments, will have an additional option to earn credit.  Multi-day assignments may be completed during an assigned administrative detention, but a grade of “0” will remain if a student fails to take advantage of this additional opportunity.  Options for other tasks will be determined by the teacher for grade recovery.       



A student’s conduct grade is determined by his/her behavior. The student’s behavior should have no direct bearing on his/her academic grade. The following standards for determining conduct grades are used school-wide. Teacher teams incorporate these standards into their behavior management plans, including utilizing the conduct cards within the student agenda, and students must earn satisfactory conduct grades to earn honor roll status. All students are informed of this information at the beginning of the year. The following are the conduct grades given on progress reports and report cards:

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory



Students who cheat, including providing work to others, or plagiarize, using a writer’s ideas without giving due credit, will lose appropriate conduct points to earn a lower conduct grade and be assigned a replacement assignment to be completed during assigned times, including outside of school hours, ISS or Saturday School.



Students and parents/guardians participating in BYOD must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct within the Board policies, particularly Internet Acceptable Use and Internet Safety.  Please refer to the school web site for updated requirements and plans for this technology initiative. 



Students must have a hall pass issued by a teacher any time they are out of class. The student agendas will be used as a hall pass.  No students are allowed out of class without a signed student agenda.



Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner. Education is their job and they are expected to treat the school and my room as their place of employment. This does not mean that we won’t have fun but it does ensure that we maintain a professional environment. I need students to give maximum effort both academically and behaviorally as the maximization of learning is paramount.



In order to get the most of our time together it is important that students follow my daily procedures very closely. Upon entering the room students will get their warm-up book from the bins in the front of the room and proceed to their assigned seat. Once seated, students will write the date and the question in their warm up book. The questions will be numbered in order to help the students keep track of them. Students will be expected to make an attempt at the question at the beginning of class however we will review the question at the end of class and make sure that it has been answered. Students will return their warm up book to the bins in the front of my room at the end of class.

Once students have finished the warm up question they should look at the day’s agenda posted on the board, and then write down their homework assignment in their student agenda. Students should also familiarize themselves with the objectives and the essential question posted on the right side of the white board. Once these actions are accomplished students should wait for instructions.



I am available for extra help from 8:25 - 9:00 by appointment most days Monday - Friday. There are days that I will not be available due to staff meetings. Students must make appointments for extra help prior to the day they want to come in. I do however have an open door policy Wednesday and Thursday mornings, however it is up to the student to make the effort


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**Include your name as well as your student’s name**


I look forward to working with you this year.


Mr. Hutchins