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7th Grade World Geography

Classroom Contract


What to expect from Mr. Michaelis



Your grade will be determined using a whole point method.  This means that you determine your grade by dividing the number of points you earn by the number of possible points. 

Tests/Quizzes = 50-100 points             

Homework = 5-20 points            *Point values for assignments will vary due to

Projects = 25-100 points         time spent on the topic and time given for completion.



Homework will be assigned daily. On average, your assignments should take no longer 20-30

minutes to complete per night. Long-term projects will include a suggested timeline for

completion in steps.



Tests and projects will be announced 1 week in advance.  Pop HW quizzes may be given any day of the week to check for understanding.  If printers at home fail, you may email your hw/project to me.  Points will be deducted if work is late.



One (sometimes two) warning(s) will be given for class disruptions.  If the disruptions continue, you can expect an email/phone call home, a possible detention before or after school and a report of misconduct.  More severe disruptions or behavior will be referred to the main office and a possible central detention. 


My Contact Information:

I will always be available to hear any concerns or problems you may be having with Geography, school, other students, etc. and I will do whatever is possible to offer you help. 




Extra Help: available by appointment





What I expect from you:


Be Polite… to everyone in the classroom at all times.  This means:

-Use constructive and non-hurtful language.            -Respect the property of others.

-Be quiet when someone else is talking.                        -Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

-Listen to instructions and follow directions.            -Work cooperatively when in groups.


Practice the Golden Rule… Treat others the way you would want to be treated.


Attendance… Please try to avoid leaving class whenever possible.  For example, use the bathroom/get a drink before class, rather than leaving during instructional time or leave class during individual work time.  If you should miss school or class it is your responsibility to make up the material you missed by checking your Oncourse and the absent folders for missed handouts and assignments.  It is your responsibility to show your teacher that you made up the work in a timely manner in order to receive full credit. Use HAC to make sure you receive credit for make up work.


Be prepared… Please be prepared and on time to class.  You should be in your seat at the start of class and have out the day’s handouts and last night’s homework if any was assigned. Within the first five minutes of class you should copy down your homework assignment and attend to the Do Now or “Warm-Up Activity” written on the board.


Notebook Organization… You should keep an organized notebook.  You may have a designated section in an AM or PM 3-ring binder, or a separate binder.  We will have open notebook quizzes throughout the year so the more organized you are the easier you will find the notebook quizzes. Use tab dividers to make the following sections:

1-Classroom Contract/Resources

2-Do Now

3- Unit Handouts

4-Lined Paper

5-Graded Assignments/Projects in Progress

At the end of every Unit before the Test or Quiz you will be given a study guide which will be helpful in organizing your notebook to study for the Test or Quiz.


Please see me or email me as soon as possible if you are having a problem with any class assignment.  We can work together to overcome almost any problem with schoolwork – as long as you give us enough time!