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Welcome to Social Studies ! 





7th Grade Global Studies


In this class, we will start with an overview of geography.  Then we will discuss each region of the world in terms of geography, history, and modern times.





8th Grade Global History 


In this class, we will be reviewing major historical events from dawn recorded time to the Renaissance.



8th Grade Current Issues 


In this class, we will be discusses current challenges facing the United States both domestically and internationally as they relate to government policy




Homework, Tests, and Quizzes will be posted on the Calendar.  Click on the "Homework & Events" link.




Click on the "Powerpoint/ord files" link for downloadable versions of classwork/homework for each unit.




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Suggested supplies for 18-19 School Year




 # 2 pencils


Hand held manual pencil sharpner


3 Ring Binder


Loose leaf notebook paper


Colored pencils


White out