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East Dover Physical Education for 7th and 8th Grade


The Physical Education program at Dover Middle School seeks to bring about the well-rounded development of all students so they may be better prepared to take their places as responsible citizens in our society. The Physical Education and Health Program is designed to promote proper health and safety habits, desirable moral standards, and social attitudes, and to develop the students physically by participating in team sports and recreational activities geared for leisure time in adult life.


During the fall months, activities are held outdoors. Activities include, soccer, football, fitness testing, ultimate frisbee, tennis, and recreational games. Winter indoor activities include basketball, team handball, speedball, floor hockey, dodgeball, wiffle ball, volleyball, lifetime fitness training, yoga modern & social dance, and aerobics. Spring activities include physical fitness testing, softball, lacrosse, frisbee golf, table tennis, pickleball, badminton, lifetime fitness training, and recreational games. The emphasis is to develop skills in a particular sport; to understand strategy, rules and terminology; and to continue the development of coordination, timing, muscle control, and strength. All activities are co-ed and on occasion are divided into basic and advanced groupings.



2017-2018 Schedule

Period 1 - 8th Grade PE

Period 2 - Prep

Period 3 - Elementary PE

Period 4 - 7th Grade PE

Period 5 - Lunch Duty

Period 6 - 8th Grade PE

Period 7 - 7th Grade PE






Amanda Pierson

Health/PE Teacher

Head Girls Soccer