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Welcome to an exciting new school year. Your child is learning many new important skills this year. The suggestions below will help your child.


1. Help your child develop a love for reading by getting a library card. Encourage your child to set aside a time for reading each day.

2. Establish a quiet place for your child where he/she can do his/her homework.

3. Establish a place where your child can put all of their items that must be taken to school. This helps children become better organized.

4. Ask your child to tell you about the schoolwork he/she brings home. Take time to look through the work with your child.

As always, I am pleased to have the opportunity to assist you with your child’s education. Your child’s well being is a concern we both share. Helping your child learn is important and fun for everyone.
If any questions arise during the school year, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please feel free to email me at or at 239 -690 - 1249.