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Mrs. Lowery

5th Grade

ELA & Social Studies 

Dear Students and Families~

I am missing all of my students already!!  It is my hope that students will complete the work that will be posted on Google Classroom- I want them to stay sharp and not lose any of the skills they've worked so hard to master this year!  Please, please keep in touch and reach out as often as you can!  I will be checking email and Google Classroom multiple times each day and would be more than thrilled to hear from all of my phenomenal 5th graders!  Prayers that all of you and your families stay safe and healthy during this time!

Love, Mrs. Lowery


Assignments for Week 2 (March 23-27):


1. Skill Packet Lesso 18: Finding Information from Multliple Sources

2. The Westing Game chapters 9-14

3. The Westing Game Detective Journal chapters 9-14

4. Writing Activity-Look for it posted in Gooogle Classroom for "Writing Wednesday!"

5. Cold Comp Quiz 20


Unit 4 Topic 1 Part B-Google Classroom

Colonial Religion/Tolerance

The Great Awakening


Colonial Regionalism

Assignments for Week 1 (March 17-20):


1. Skill Packet Lesson 13: Cause/Effect Text Structure

*The following novel can be accessed online, via YouTube, via the Online Portal of Livingston Parish Library @, or at this link:

2. The Westing Game chapters 1-8 

3. The Westing Game Detective Journal chapters 1-8

4. Cold Comp Quiz 19



Unit 4 Topic 1 Part A - Google Classroom   

The 13 Colonies  

Colonial Government Structures  

What influenced the colonies to create a new government 

Colonial government vs. our government



Moby Max:

Discovery Ed: 




Google Classroom

Common Lit



Online School Payments:




Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Through cooperation, communication, and support amongst teachers, parents, and students, I am confident that this will be a fantastic year in fifth grade!