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Welcome to Ms. York's gifted classroom! 


WELCOME BACK to school! It's going to be an awesome year of learning and growing. 

We are going to stretch our thinking and learn new ways to look at problems from different perspectives. 

Each mistake or failure, gives us a fresh opportunity to try again or try a new strategy. 

Each time we experience a challenge that makes us work hard, we grow mental stamina. 

Every day we can choose to be braver, stronger, and more open to learning and growth than the day before. 


As a parent of a student in Caloosa's gifted program, you can expect that your child will participate in activities, lessons, and units that are differentiated from the standard curriculum in that the content will be complex, abstract, and based on student academic needs and interests. The processes will use higher level thinking skills and problem solving strategies. The activities used will align with both gifted standards and Florida state standards. The activities in the gifted program will provide your child with opportunities throughout the year to develop multidisciplinary skills such as: research, problem solving, collaboration, selecting and using technology, and preparing and delivering multimedia presentations. 


As a student, you can expect to be on a personal journey of growth in critical and creative thinking.  You will have opportunities to pursue your individual interests, and chances to create products that show off your individual talents. Your thinking will be stretched. You will grow as a thinker and you will learn tools to help you persevere through difficulty and you will succeed. You will learn how to make mistakes and learn from them, how to coach yourself through difficult learning tasks and how to coach others too. You will learn how to lead a team and how to be a teammate who can accept leadership from others too. You can expect to be loved and cared for by me as you reach for your highest potential. 


2nd and 3rd Grade Quarter 2 Project



For your child’s next project, they are studying an influential person in history whom they believe to be intelligent. We are learning that there are many myths that people believe about “smart” people. We are also learning that greatness requires hard work. The students shared their lists of people today and we discussed what the people on the lists had in common, and what we may already know about them. We also talked about what we would like to learn about them.

Then, each student picked a person to study.

Please help them to find library books or articles online about their person. As an online safety precaution, please research with them if they will be using search engines and finding information online.

They may print the articles OR take notes in their journal.

Here are some kid friendly websites that may help them, please still preview and monitor their online access:

Students also have access to Destiny which has articles and encyclopedia access. They can visit. and then sign in with their single sign on information.

Please email me any questions about this project or if you have trouble accessing Destiny.   The full assignment description with guiding questions is in their journal.  

I included information here as well, so that the websites would be "clickable". 


Have fun!!! 









Parents, here are a few helpful links and resources. 


This is a link to a free e-book. 






 Two programs we have available here after school to meet the needs of creative and critical thinkers are Odyssey of the Mind and and Future Problem Solving. Here are links to both of those prgrams. 





Thank you for your continued support of our classroom. Please know that you are welcome anytime to contact me to discuss your child’s learning or progress.


Ms. Vanessa York

Gifted Resource Teacher

Caloosa Elementary     





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