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Team Members:

Rebecca Santin

Judi Reynolds

Tracie Wieczorek 

Marisa Burger
Michelle Gadaleta

Deb Emma

Rory Duarte 

Susan Hacker

Michelle Truchel

Lauren Brzostowski



According to the NJDOE, the Safety Team:

School Safety Team is formed to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate, including HIB issues • Meets at least 2 times per school year • Consists of the principal (or designee, preferably a senior administrator) and principal appointees: a teacher in the school, –the school anti-bullying specialist (serves as chair), –a parent (as defined in N.J.A.C. 6A:16-1.3) of a student in the school, and –other members determined by the principal.
School Safety Team duties • Receive any HIB complaints reported to principal • Receive copies of any HIB investigation reports • Identify and address patterns of HIB in the school • Review and strengthen school climate and policies in order to prevent and address HIB *Parent team members may only participate in activities that  do not compromise student confidentiality.
 • Educate the community (i.e., students, teachers, administrators, parents) to prevent and address HIB • Participate in training (both required and requested) • Collaborate with anti-bullying coordinator in data collection and development of policies to prevent and address HIB • Other duties related to HIB requested by principal or anti-bullying coordinator.



 In order to foster and maintain our positive school climate the Safety Team will be monitoring and supporting the following activities;

The All School Character Education Theme Initiative

Individual Reflection Tickets

HIB Actions/Code of Conduct

Action Plans

Positive School Climate Initiatives

Bengal Breaks