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Class Meetings


   As the Art Therapist Counselors here at E.F.S., we have the fortunate opportunity to get to know each student from Class Meeting and the various programs we are involved in.


   The Class Meeting Program was developed by Catherine Codella, was established to increase a positive school climate by having students interact with each other in an encouraging and supportive way. The program also offers an opportunity for students to develop important leadership qualities and help build a healthy self concept. This year, Ms. Santin will be supporting the students in grades PreK-6 in class meeting. 


Mentoring Program


   Mentoring involves older students being paired with younger students to help them in any way they need. Some mentors act as classroom helpers, and some are specifically paired with students. Mentors can also be assigned to lunch or recess duty to act as “buddies” to students that need help solving problems or support in social situations.


   The mentoring program has grown and become popular. Students have reported that mentoring has given them a sense of value and that they feel important when they can help others.

E.F.S students are aware that to be chosen as a mentor they must be in good standing in class and have proven to be a positive role model to others. Students that have proven to be positive role models are consistently showing responsibility, kindness, respectfulness and dependability.