EFS Technology Enrichment


  • All EFS students receive technology enrichment once a week.  To create their tech projects, the students will use either laptops or iPads.  To meet the current Technology Standards, various skills are taught at each grade level.


  • In Pre-K & K students work on basic computer skills while incorporating their everyday curriuclum of reading and writing.


  • First grade through sixth grade work on interdisciplinary projects related to either social studies or science.  These projects have been created with the classroom teachers and once completed, will be shared with the rest of the school community.  Some of the projects include movies, slide show presentations and websites.


  • In addition to tech projects, Essex Fells School has put an emphasis on typing skills due to the implementation of PARCC.   In grades 2-6  the students use a keyboarding program and starting in K & 1 we are working on fun websites to have the students become familiar with where the letters are located on a keyboard.